Hednesford eye centre

What our customers think

We went for our first check ups at this optician and found them to be very informative, very helpful and all the staff were friendly and made us feel at home, even asking if we wanted a cup of tea, never had that before at any other opticians… there had been change in my prescription, which I was aware of, and I had help choosing new glasses, all the colours etc were explained in full, and I had the choice for extras, such as blue coat, ground down lenses etc. I love my new glasses, even though I had a bit of bother with the fit at first, the staff told me to come back if I had problems which I did, and they have altered everything for me till I was happy. My husband also had his eyes tested that day, he has diabetes and hadn’t had his usual check up, so when he was tested the optician found problems, the optician found my husband had diabetic bleeds in his eyes. The optician automatically referred him as an urgent patient to Burton hospital, and he was seen a week later, he has subsequently been through a lot of laser treatment, and the bleeds are stopped for now…we are thankful for the help chase eyecare gave us, and the continuing support with my husbands eyesight. I would recommend this opticians wholeheartedly, many thanks for your efforts.