What is Presbyopia?

This refers to the eye’s reduced ability to focus, which occurs with age and the loss of elasticity of the lens.

It affects everyone at a certain age, with the first symptoms often appearing  between the ages of 40-50 – though the decline occurs throughout our lives.

For those with good distance vision, it may start with difficulty reading fine print, particularly if the lighting is poor, or with eyestrain when reading for long periods.

Mr Puri says:

Presbyopia can be easily corrected with prescription lenses. Once diagnosed we will then advise on the best type of lens, which may include a varifocal option.”

Presbyopia information

With presbyopia, people often have to hold reading material at arm’s length to be able to focus properly, but find it easier to focus in bright light.

This is because the light causes the iris to reduce to a pinhole, so that depth of focus, regardless of actual ability to focus, is greatly enhanced – just as in pinhole cameras.

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