Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

freedom from glasses whilst retaining the benefits, such as multi-vision lenses

Contact lenses have advanced a great deal in recent years. They can be great for sports and casual wear, and advancements have led to them being a full-time solution to eyesight correction, rather than a back-up for glasses.

We are able to supply many brands of contact lenses with a valid contact lens prescription and recommend that wearers have a contact lens check-up at least once a year or earlier as advised.

Ensuring your eye health and safety is our top priority

which is why we require regular check-ups to supply contact lenses. These check-ups are crucial for monitoring the condition of your eyes and ensuring that your prescription remains accurate and suitable for contact lens wear.

Contact Lenses Service details

Both examinations take around 30 minutes and both are free to patients who join our direct debit scheme.

Embarking on the journey of wearing contact lenses for the first time might seem intimidating, but rest assured, it’s a manageable and even enjoyable experience.

To get started, all you need to do is schedule a contact lens assessment with one of our experienced opticians. During this assessment, your optician will carefully place a few lenses in your eyes to help you get accustomed to the sensation.

Following your assessment, your next appointment will focus on providing you with comprehensive instructions on how to correctly insert and remove your contact lenses. Additionally, your optician will educate you on the importance of maintaining a proper cleaning and hygiene routine to ensure the longevity of your lenses and the health of your eyes.

Once you’ve completed these instructional sessions and feel confident in your ability to care for your lenses, you’ll receive a set of trial lenses to begin your journey towards clear and comfortable vision. Throughout this process, our team will be readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that your transition to contact lens wear is smooth and worry-free.

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